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Licensed Master Social Worker

Being a parent has its own set of challenges; when you add your child’s behavioral, or emotional challenges on top, it can become overwhelming for both your family, and your child. It is ok to feel overwhelmed and at the brink of exhaustion. Tara gets this and is here to assist your child, and family work through these challenges; by helping to strengthen your child’s overall well-being. Tara has chosen to practice at Be Embodied mindful living space, as it provides the holistic environment that fosters healing the whole child. Tara specializes in play therapy by providing a safe space to allow your child to heal through creativity, and play. Children can relieve everyday stressors and learn to manage triggers. Tara assists children in learning how to manage their emotions, minimize impulsivity, and process traumatic events.

Professional Experience

Tara promotes child-led play to allow children to direct the level of healing they can tolerate. A child needs to be given the chance, and time to process their own stressors in their own time. When a child feels in control and empowered, this is when the healing process begins. When a child is healthier, the entire family thrives. To obtain this level of stability, a family must commit to the process. A healthier child, is a healthier family!

Tara earned her Master Social Work degree at the University at Buffalo. Her experience working in various clinic, and community settings has strengthened her skills, and competence in crisis assessment, trauma-informed care, clinical assessment, and the use of evidence-based interventions, with a focus in play therapy.

Tara’s Services:
-Individual & family play therapy session
-Therapeutic supervised child custody visitation
-Child custody monitored exchanges
-Reunification therapy sessions
-Play therapy group session
-Free 30-minute initial consultation

Tip Card
5 Be GREAT Child Anxiety Reduction Techniques

1. Grounding, engage your child in an exercise, through touching, and smelling what is around them
2. Release, provide your child personal time and space to release those yucky feelings in a safe area
3. Empathize with your child, and provide a hug, the power of touch releases feel-good hormones
4. Active, allow your child to be physically active in a safe space by practicing meditation, or a simple yoga pose to slow down, and stretch
5. Talk to your worry, allow your child to utilize their positive self-talk to help boss back their worries

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